Hunting Club

Our Club Directors

Debby Upchurch
Debby began her participation in the field of hunting in the 70's, becoming involved in the activities of a ranch in Cotulla as well as a 15,000 acre game and cattle ranch in Freer. She was present during the organization of the Safari Club International, the San Antonio Chapter, and worked very closely with the first 5 chapter presidents including her previous husband. Debby has been active in outfitting and in the organizing of hunting adventures for several years. Debby specializes in animal behavior patterns and game management controls. She began the hunting club in the year 2000 in Medina, Tx.

Currently, Debby Upchurch is in control of the hunting activities of ranches through recommendations by other ranchers in the area.

What is our club about?

Since most of the land in Texas is privately owned, we work on giving hunters the opportunity to hunt on private ranches that would not be granted under normal circumstances. We have found that very often hunters who purchase leases do not have the time to get the full advantage of what they paid for their leases because of their busy schedules. As a club, we will unite in taking care of these ranches as if they were our own-as a club member, they will be your place to hunt. We have hunting opportunities that include a wide range of animals such as whitetail, turkey, dove, Russian bore and feral hogs, bobcat, mountain lion, axis deer, elk, blackbuck antelope, aoudad & other rams, fallow and silka deer, fishing-and more! There are more than 50 different types of animals to hunt in this great and beautiful area of the Hill Country and we hope to open doors to your own “special favorites.”

What will be included in a club membership?

A member may hunt 7, 15 or 30 days a year, depending on the membership that is chosen. You may take individual trips, or you may hunt for several days or a week at a time. You choose the days you want to hunt; Just call us and tell us you are coming. We will provide feeders and blinds on all the ranches and will keep the blind and hunting areas fed for our members. You may join at any time of the year. Your membership begins when you join the club and continues for one year. This gives members the opportunity to hunt exotics and turkey for months even after whitetail season ends. Our ranch foreman’s will assist you in getting “to and from” your hunting areas and will be available to assist you with your hunting activities. Field dressing will not be allowed. we have cleaning facilities and cold storage available as well. As a club member, we can assist you with your lodging arrangements-cabins, ranch houses, lake houses, bed and breakfast facilities, RV sites and more. Bring your family with you, they will love the accommodations.

How will club members schedule days to hunt?

“A hunt” consists of a full day of hunting. Half day hunts can be taken as well and only count as a half of a day in your membership. This allows hunters time for traveling back and fourth from home or they may just want to spend a part of a day with their families and friends. You can actually hunt 24 hours a day because of the night hunt. Club members will be notified of all new hunting ranches as they become available. If an emergency arises and you are unable to make your scheduled hunt, you may re-schedule for another date. Of course, these changes must be made in a reasonable amount of time so that other club members have the opportunity to change their reservations. In order to be fair, “Opening weekend” of whitetail season may be selected by random drawing, if it becomes necessary due to lodging availability in this part of the Hill Country.

How much does it cost to be a member of the club?

Individual memberships are $1200.00 for 30 days of hunting or $950.00 for 15 days of hunting or $700.00 for 7 days. When it is possible , the hunting club will offer payment plan options which may be elected by the member according to their family budgets. Business/Corporate Memberships are $1800.00 a year. In the Business Membership, your company will be issued 10 individual certificates that will endorse the name of your business that may be given to your customers or client. Each certificate is valid for 1 and 1/2 days of hunting. Junior Memberships (16 years of age or younger accompanied by an adult in the blind) are $250 & match the number of days taken by the adult - 7 days, 15 days or 30 days. Junior members that hunt in their own blinds are $450.00 a year. For those junior members that are in any type of educational program the junior membership will also apply even if they are over 16 years of age.

Non-hunting memberships are available for a one time fee of $100.00 that covers anyone and everyone that you wish to take to the blind with you that is a non hunter. Family members that come with the club members that do not go to the blinds may come for no charge. The club has a limited number of available memberships . If you would like to become a member, please complete our "Contact Form" (at the bottom of each page) and submit it to our club headquarters, or call the Hunting Club. Club memberships may be paid by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover.

Thank you for your interest in Mountain Creek Ranches Hunting Club.