Whitetail Hunting

We had a great season last year. An amazing seven to one buck to doe ratio was harvested, as well as a 150 class whitetail buck. We currently have several ranches available to hunt whitetail this season. In order to manage these properties and not to apply too much hunting pressure on the game, we will be moving from ranch to ranch throughout the season.

Exotic  Hunting

On our ranches we have axis, fallow, and sika deer, elk, aoudad, mouflon rams & blackbuck antelope. All exotic animals are available to hunt year round where as whitetail and turkey hunting are regulated by the state and do have a season. The Medina area of the hill country was one of the original sites for exotic ranching and was the home of the exotic game auction barn for years. A very large variety of exotics call Medina their home due to the perfect grazing & clear & clean water.

Turkey Hunting

All of our ranches have turkeys. We manage our flocks with responsible hunting and infra-red cameras. Turkeys are not allowed to be taken around the feeders. We request that they be "called in" and only taken with shotguns. Nothing is more satisfying than calling a big gobbler in at close range.

Hog Hunting & Varmint Hunting

The Medina & Bandera area have good Hog hunting. At times, we have ranches that allow club members to night hunt for hogs, mt. lion, bob-cat and coyotes. These animals are hunted with red lights as they are nocturnal in nature and are somewhat blind to red. This is a very fun and exciting hunt with Russian boars being taken in the 400 pound category.

Bag Limit- The bag limit for an annual membership is a buck and doe of all species (except hogs and gobblers for turkey). We are not implying that you as a club member will get a buck & doe of every species on the ranches.This gives the opportunity for club members to hunt at different times of the year for many different types of animals. One thing to consider is that the hunting club hunts most months of the year, not just in November and December, and that we practice hunting not just "shooting." Our hunters have a great deal of respect for the animals and the ranches on which they hunt.